Gunner Gear K9 is here to provide you with quality products and solutions for your working dogs and pets, as well as yourself.  

We offer U.S. made dog leashes and collars.  These are not "mass" manufactured, they are made as they are ordered in the comfort of my home, with a little help and supervision from my German Shepherd Gunner.  


I created Gunner Gear K9 as a result of having a working line German Shepherd (Gunner) and a senior Pomeranian (Bear).  I wanted quality dog leashes and collars as well as to be able to support my dogs with all natural system support using essential oils.  Why keep that to myself when I can share this with others and help make your lives and your dogs lives better! 

Yes, a pet dog may only need one leash and one collar throughout their lifetime, Bear is 11 years old and has only had two of each his entire life.  However, a working dog is constantly training his entire life and at different stages of training and different training disciplines a working dog can need different types of leashes.  A leash for obedience is completely different than a leash for protection/bite work.  As well as a leash for search and rescue is different than protection/bite work.  Gunner is 2 1/2 and he has multiple leashes already.  Different lengths and setups.  As well as leashes for working dogs take a beating and are dragged on the ground, thru the brush as well as who knows what else.  That's where we are different than the big box stores.


Biothane is a product that has a similar look and feel of leather however, it is waterproof and does not mold/mildew or retain odors.   It wipes clean easily with a wet cloth.   It doesn't crack or get rigid when it is cold.

These are all important features for our working dogs since we train year round regardless of the weather.  Those regular webbing leashes get filthy in the field!  Rather than have to wait till you get home to throw them in the washer and then wait for them to dry, try a Biothane leash!  Then all you have to do is wash it off with water or a wet cloth and you are good to go!